T&Cs of Hire

Booking instructions:

To secure your booking we require a £xx damage deposit.

The deposit will be refunded to the Hirer once the equipment has been collected. Wish It Events reserve the right to keep the damage deposit in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of this Hire Agreement.


By signing this Hire Agreement, the Hirer is entering into a legal contract with Wish It Events and confirms the Hirer accepts the terms and conditions below.

Terms and Condition:

Wish It Events will hire the equipment to the Hirer from {date} at {time} to {date} at {time} for £{xx}. If the equipment is not made available for collection by the end of the period of hire, the Hirer will be charged £25 per hour for every hour the equipment is unavailable, up to 24 hours. If the equipment is not available for collection within 24 hours of the end of the period of hire, the Hirer agrees to pay the full cost of replacement £(xx) within 28 days.

All equipment hired remains the property of Wish It Events at all times.

Wish It Events guarantees that all equipment is without defect. The Hirer accepts all responsibility for damage to the equipment.

Wish It Events will deliver the equipment to {location} and set up in the agreed area.

Any parking fines or other parking costs incurred due to inadequate provisions made by the Hirer for delivery and collection by Wish It Events will be re-charged to the Hirer.

The damage deposit will not be refunded if the equipment is found on collection to be dirty or have minor replaceable damage. The damage deposit will not be refunded and the Hirer agrees to pay the full cost of replacement £(xx) within 28 days if the equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair.

For Champagne Flute Wall hire supplied with glasses a 50p fee per glass broken will be invoiced after event.

The fees will be paid in full on delivery of the equipment. If cancellation occurs before {date – 1 month before) the damage deposit will be refunded. If cancellation occurs after {date – 1 month before) the damage deposit will not be refunded to cover losses.

All invoices must be paid to Wish It Events within 28 days.

Responsibilities of the Hirer:

The Hirer takes full responsibility for ensuring there is enough space for the equipment at the location. Precise measurements will be made available by Wish It Events. If the equipment can not fit on delivery Wish It Events reserves the right to retain the damage deposit to cover losses.

Adequate delivery and collection access will be provided by the Hirer allowing for a minimum of 1 hour before and after the event time.

The Hirer accepts full responsibility for the security and safe use of equipment until collection by Wish It Events.

Safe Use of Equipment:

For the Flower Wall only:
No food, chewing gum or drink to be consumed or held near the equipment at any time. Do not hold glasses of drink in front of or near the equipment.

For Flower Wall, Champagne Wall, Balloon Wall and Doughnut Wall only:
Do not lean on the equipment or rest anything against the equipment.

For all other items:
Do not smoke near the equipment or spray any aerosols, hairspray or perfumes.

Do not use any candles or fire near the equipment.

Do not remove any parts of, or decorations attached to, the equipment. Do not fix any decorations to the equipment that have not been supplied or fixed by Wish It Events.

Responsibilities of Wish It Events:

Agreed hire rates will be maintained for the length of the Hire Agreement.

Appropriate instructions of the safe use of equipment will be provided by Wish It Events upon delivery. Wish It Events does not accept any responsibility for any loss or injury caused if these instructions are not followed.

If equipment cannot be supplied on the agreed date because of circumstances beyond its reasonable control, Wish It Events shall return all monies paid and not be liable to pay further compensation to the Hirer.

The liability of Wish It Events for any claims made by the Hirer will not exceed the contract charge and does not extend to any consequential or financial loss caused by the late or non-delivery, unsuitability, breakdown or lawful repossession.

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